A Digital Nutrition Solution For Disease Remission & Regression
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Personalized Longevity Nutrition
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Game changing care for chronic health conditions

Based on the revolutionary science behind our Food as Medicine, L-Nutra Health provides the first ever Digital Nutrition Program that helps patients better manage or reverse their chronic health conditions.

Personalized Care Every Step of the Way With Daily Monitoring.

The current sick-care model relies mainly on medicines and pills that patients must take everyday for the rest of their lives.

L-Nutra Health has developed fully integrated Food as Medicine programs that are empowered by a digital platform, Longevity Nutritionists and Health coaches.

Our programs significantly enhance the care for patients with Obesity, Diabetes, Cancer, Cardiovascular and Auto-Immune diseases.

First Digital Nutri-Technology Empowered by Personalized Longevity Coaching Support.

We integrate our clinically tested nutritional products, such as the Fasting Mimicking Nutrition and Nutrition for Longevity, with a digital platform and Personalized Longevity Coach to support standard of care to induce disease Remission (no longer needing medication) or Regression (less medication needed).



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Proven High-Impact Results

We’ve validated our clinical impact with 18 clinical trials.
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Offering a first-of-its-kind solution that enables the body to heal while enhancing healthy Longevity!

1,000,000+ use cases of our Nutritional Program, and counting!

1,000,000+ use cases of our Nutritional Program and counting!

Whether you are a patient, a provider, an employer, a family member or a partner who cares about changing someone's life, we have a game-changing program that unleashes the body’s own power to rejuvenate and heal. It enhances current care while promoting healthy longevity.

L-Nutra Health’s programs focus on adding short- term and long-term life to your life!

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